We design and manage communities that bring together target groups from which our partners want to attract new customers. These target groups can be certain professional categories, or they can be people from various fields of activity. We run programs that help increase the number of members and maintain a high level of interaction with them.
We design and manage communities for organizations that want to participate in the modernization of public policies in various fields, trying to ensure an ethical balance between community needs and economic benefits. For these organizations, our advocacy communities provide aggregation and interaction with opinion leaders, decision makers and experts.
Employer branding
Organizations that want to better promote their employer brand use our personalized communities to increase the quality of communication with the target groups from which recruitments are made. These communities discuss with the specialists about the labor market, about the expectations of companies and employees and promote the values ​​of the organization.
We use personalized communities to communicate effectively with various groups of the organization's partners, such as suppliers or customers. The quality of the programs we run within communities allows the organization to build and maintain long-term relationships with these partners and provides an effective framework for attracting potential customers.
We develop and manage customized communities for organizations that want to test solutions or services in certain target groups. Our community programs and activities help organizations to conduct more effective research and analysis than other similar tools and to make management decisions about the products and markets they target.
More and more organizations are running CSR programs that involve a large number of target groups and partners. In order to increase the efficiency of running and promoting such recurring programs, organizations use the concept of personalized community. Within such a community we ensure a high level of interaction between members, continuous communication and increasing public visibility.
integrated approach

An advanced Marketing ecosystem

We manage over 100 professional, business and premium consumer communities. The communities cover a large number of industries, areas of activity and geographical areas.
We manage 42 digital platforms for communicating with target groups and promoting communities. The platforms have associated newsletters and social media accounts.
Each community has its own activities, online or offline. The activities are regular, on topics of interest and with the involvement of community members.
Case studies
Over 100 case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of personalized communities.