CASPA: The Patient Associations Community

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Companies with activities in healthcare, like pharma producers, healthcare services and medicine distribution and pharmaceutical wholesaling.



Patient associations in Romania didn`t have visibility and their voice was not heard in any conversation regarding the healthcare system modernization or change.

Our Solution

  • Development of a maco-community that brings together the management of patient associations at national level, regardless of the pathology which the association addresses
  • Increasing management skills, project writing and communication abilities for the management of the associations
  • Increasing the visibility and role of patient associations in the healthcare system in Romania.


In June 2015 we launched the CASPA Community – The Community of Patient Associations and we developed tools specifically dedicated to this community:

  • regular activities: meetings of communities members every spring and autumn in offline format and monthly starting from 2020 in digital format
  • tools for continuous promotion of patients` associations and their activities through a dedicated platform: On the platform we assigned a presentation page to each association and we constantly post information about the projects they developed, their activities and their positions on certain topics of interest in healthcare.

The benefits provided for the community members included training, courses and access to resources to help them improve patient association`s management, like:

  • ”Using social media platforms for growing the patient association”, Trainer Lucian Mândruță
  • ”GDPR Legislation: what data is processed by patient associations and how it should be processed”, Lawyer Diana Negulescu
  • ”Financing solutions from european funds”, Consultant Mirabela Miron
  • ”Public speaking”, Actor Adrian Păduraru
  • ”How to tell your story well”, Writer Ioan T. Morar
  • Fitness session: ”Physical exercise in diabetes”, Trainer Prof. Dr. Petru Mergheș
  • ”Experiential learning. The silk road”, Ionel Buliga, Trend Consult
  • ”Advocacy during the Covid-19 pandemic”, Lawyer Dan Cimpoeru, Bucharest University
  • ”Processing of personal data by Patient Associations”, Lawyer & Partner Cosmin Iliescu, Păcuraru, Iliescu, Măzăreanu & Partners

Marketing & Communication Toolbox

Branding for the Partners on all materials used in the activities and on the digital platform and the weekly newsletter

Selection of invited guests in community meetings

Dedicated topics included on the agenda


8 National Conferences with over 100 participants / edition

15 offline and online Debates with over 45 participants / edition

165 Patient Associations presented on the platform

290 Patient Associations with which we communicate constantly


Start Date

iun. 2015

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