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“You can do more” Rodiabet Campaign

Education, information and raising awareness in the general public, and in particular for people with diabetes, on the cardiovascular risks they are exposed to, and the ways in which they...

Modern Management in Public Hospitals

The client wanted to communicate with public hospitals managers about its telemedicine solutions.

Electronic World Marketing Summit

The client is the operator of the World Marketing Summit, organized by Kotler Impact. In the context of the pandemic, the Summit is held online and the client wants to...

Global HR Manager

The Client needed promotion and engagement with HR Managers in all fields of activity.

Global Manager Business Cocktail – Private Clinics and Hospitals Bucharest and Cluj

The Client needed engagement with small private clinic managers in Bucharest and Cluj.

Global IT Manager – Information security in the digital age

Client needed to launch and promote an innovative software platform. Campaign

The Client needed to promote own webinar - targeting Marketing Managers.

Modern Medical Management in Private Clinics and Hospitals

The Client needed to aggregate owners and top management in private hospitals and clinics under the umbrella of a professional society and attracting new members, as well as having a...

Modernization of the Healthcare System in Romania

The Client wanted a dialogue with members of the Health Committees in the Parliament, regarding the rules for the application of the Telemedicine Law and adopting the Personal Contribution Act.