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Află cum au utilizat clienții ecosistemul nostru de marketing pentru a-și atinge obiectivele.

100 studii de caz care arată cum funcționează programele noastre

“You can do more” Rodiabet Campaign

Education, information and raising awareness in the general public, and in particular for people with diabetes, on the cardiovascular risks they are exposed to, and the ways in which they can control or reduce these risks.

2 HS – 2 Hours of Science

The Client needed to distribute professional information and best practices regarding treatment of infectious diseases to professionals throughout the country.

Access in health communities

Because of the pandemic, the Client was not visible in health communities and needed a solution to interact with professionals in healthcare.

Ambassadors of Iași

A local public administration institution wanted to better promote its projects and investment opportunities, as well as attract investors and develop economically.

ATB 3.0 – Antibiotics of the third millennia

The Client needed a communication program that would educate health professionals on responsibly using antibiotics in order to maintain their effectiveness and reduce the bacteria resistance caused by inadequate use.

Business Power Forum

In the days of the market liberalization, our Client needed to present and promote its offer to small and medium sized companies all around the country, in an efficient and professional way.

Company Anniversary

The Client wanted to mark and celebrate the company’s 65th anniversary, along with clients, partners, healthcare professionals and patients.

Company anniversary – 15 years

Acest material este disponibil doar clienților Oameni și Companii cu acces pe comunitățile selectate. Te rugăm să te loghezi pentru a vedea materialul.

Company Booklet

The Client needed a professional printed presentation to be used in extensively describing the project to various audiences.

Digital Transformation in Pharma

Our Client needed to promote its solutions and expertise in digital data building to decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry in Romania.

ECO Forum

The subject of waste is a complex one, a lot of delays have accumulated, a lot of pressure.

Electronic World Marketing Summit

The client is the operator of the World Marketing Summit, organized by Kotler Impact. In the context of the pandemic, the Summit is held online and the client wants to increase participation of marketing specialists in Romania.

Global HR Manager

The Client needed promotion and engagement with HR Managers in all fields of activity.

Global IT Manager

The company wanted to promote its solutions for companies and IT Managers who want to migrate their data to the cloud.

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